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    Trang Web Học Tiếng Anh Trực Tuyến

    TRang WEB hoc tieng Anh ma khong phai ON LINE? Trang WEB cua BBC UK rat hay, nhung phai online that kho chiu. Cac ban co the tham khao: New Dynamic English la chuong trinh anh ngu so va trung cap. Tuy don gian nhung ho lai tap trung vao khia canh VAN HOA va GIAO tiep. Nguoi Viet huong dan don...
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    Các loại hình doanh nghiệp

    Dear Anh Chuot, You must change you nick immediatly, it sounds stink!! and should brush on your knowledge of businesses in Vietnam Have you ever been sweeping any law on business or foreign investment in Vietnam and master of its core? Don't write anything you're not good at for sure. Hungfidel...