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    Mục này giới thiệu các nhà cung cấp ERP to nhỏ lớn bé trên thế giới và của VN. (cung cấp thông tin tên, đia chỉ, tên sản phẩm, viết sơ qua profile của nhà cung cấp, và giải pháp của nhà cung cấp đó)
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    Việt nam đất nước ta ơi
    Nhà cung cấp ERP

    Danh sách các thương hiệu ERP
    ABAS Software AG:
    ABBASOFT Technologies:
    Adaptable Business Systems:
    AIM Computer Solutions
    American Software
    Applied Computer Excellence
    apps4biz Americas, Inc
    Axis Computer Systems, Inc.
    Baan Company, The
    Bowen & Groves
    Caelus, Inc.
    Ceecom Inc.
    CIMA, Inc.
    Cincom Systems, Inc.
    CMS Manufacturing Systems
    Coss Systems
    CSB-SYSTEM International, Inc.
    DBA Software
    Discovery Solutions International
    DTR Software International
    e-Workplace Solutions
    EMR Innovations
    Encompix Software
    Enhanced Systems & Services, Inc.
    Enterprise Logix
    ePartners, Inc.
    Epicor Software Corporation
    Exact Alliance, Inc.
    Exact Software North America
    EXEControl Global Solutions
    Exel Computer Systems
    Expandable Software
    Foresight Software
    Friedman Corp.
    GEAC Computer Corp.
    Glovia International
    Godlan, Inc.
    GRMS, Inc.
    Horizon Software, Inc.
    ICICI Infotech Inc.
    Icode, Inc.
    In-Style Software Inc.
    IndustriOS Software, Inc.
    Infiniti Enterprise Solutions
    InfoPower International
    InterNetworX Systems Inc.
    Intuitive Manufacturing Systems
    Invensys Production Management
    IT3, Inc.
    J.D. Edwards
    JBM Logic
    Jobscope Corp.
    Lawson Software
    Lilly Software Associates
    Made2Manage Systems, Inc.
    Manufacturing Action Group (MAGI)
    Metasystems, Inc.
    Microsoft Business Solutions
    MISys, Inc.
    OmegaCube Technologies Inc.
    ONLINE Computing
    ONLINE Software Labs
    Oracle Corp.
    PeopleSoft, Inc.
    PILOT Systems, Inc.
    Plexus Systems
    proALPHA Software Corp.
    ProfitKey International
    Pronto Software
    PS Industry Inc.
    Psi AG
    Qantel Technologies
    Questica Inc
    Ramco Systems
    RealTime Technology Group
    Relevant Business Systems, Inc.
    ROI Systems
    Ross Systems Inc.
    Sage Enterprise Solutions
    SAP America
    Scala Business Solutions
    Shoptech Industrial Software
    Smart Software
    SoftBrands Inc
    Software PM, Inc.
    Solid State Software
    SSA Global
    Strategic Systems International Ltd.
    Superior Business Solutions
    SyAcc Systems Inc.
    Technology Group International
    Thoughtful Inc.
    TTW Inc.
    Verticent (formerly PowerCerv)
    Western Data Systems
    WorkWise, Inc.
    Xantel Inc.
    Xdata Solutions, inc.
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    hai2hai VNUNI Makes a difference

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    Hà nội
    TOP ERP Vendors

    Here are some of the top ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software companies with links to their web sites.

    ► SAP
    ► Oracle
    ► PeopleSoft
    ► invensys
    ► ABB Automation
    ► i2
    ► SSA Global Technologies
    ► Intentia International
    ► Epicor
    ► Lawson Software
    ► QAD
    ► IFS
    ► Mapics
    ► Mincom
    ► American Software
    ► Great Plains
    ► Ross Systems
    ► SCT
    ► Cincom
    ► Computer Associates
    ► GEAC
    ► Sage
    ► Navison
    ► Scala
    ► Deltek
    ► Fourthshift
    ► Lilly Software
    ► Flexi Int'l
    ► Glovia International
    ► AremisSoft Corp.
    ► Syspro Group
    ► ProfitKey International
    ► Solomon Software
    ► Macola
    ► Made2Manage
    ► Visibility
    ► PowerCerv
    ► Clarus Corp
    ► Friedman Corp
    ► ROI Systems
    ► Ramco
    ► Intuitive Manufacturing
    ► Ceecom, Inc.
    ► Technology Group International
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    TP HCM
    An analysis of top ERP sellers
    The market is an extremely competitive one for ERP software companies. No doubt only the best players can survive and make it big. The companies should constantly watch the demands of the customers, change in technologies and emerging practices with vigil. Lot of factors will come into play in deciding the credibility of the ERP sellers.
    This is a buyers market and the situation is getting tougher for the sellers with even the top ones finding it difficult to match the time mainly because of the technical complexities in addition to dealing with them successfully and making the users to do the same. The demands of companies implementing ERP are increasing day after day.

    Some of the top ERP sellers are as follows:
    The ERP products of Microsoft are sold under the following four tags:
    • Microsoft ERP Navision Software
    • Great Plains
    • Solomon
    • Axapta
    Microsoft is a giant when it comes to the IT market. However they don't occupy a comfortable position in the ERP market. They do continue to be among the list of top ERP sellers. They don't cater only to larger companies. Infact their services are ideally suited to the requirements of small and medium enterprises.

    They attract a large user base because they manufacture the products from the view point of a vendor who is supposed to know the practical difficulties than any manufacturer or end user because he sees the whole process of installation and deployment rather carries it for the companies.

    Microsoft has been constantly restructuring its products and upgrading the versions so as to make it compatible in the market. In other words the company adopts a very liberal policy in dealing the needs of the customers. The company has even allowed its sellers to recommend and sell the services of third party companies for functions that are not offered by Microsoft for e.g. supply chain management. Microsoft needs to bring more innovative features and add functions so as to make their products user friendly and enable them to attract great demand in the market as well. This has to be followed by ERP software companies in general and Microsoft in particular.

    Oracle ERP
    Oracle is another top player in the ERP market that has always made the competitors to go down the spine with numerous strategies and background work. Oracle has become the subject matter of United Nations development program's initiatives for mass campaigning. Oracle's take over of Peoplesoft's ERP related products and the subsequent merger of Microsoft and SAP has thrown lot of speculations in the market and it has been widely guessed that the customer will benefit from the services.

    The combination of Oracle and People soft has helped customers in using the best features of these two products which would not have otherwise been possible but for this common platform. In addition Oracle has also tied up with sun Microsoft systems in consolidating system servers sharing other applications and platforms and thereby realizes unimaginable benefits to the user.

    SAP ERP is a software program that is aimed at providing solutions to the users in overcoming their technical and managerial problems with regards to data handling and transformation. This software has become the favorite choice of corporates as it renders valuable services to companies by redefining the way business should be done.

    The characteristics of MYSAP ERP software are as follows:
    • Transparent and flexible application
    • A comprehensive solution
    • Helps to achieve good governance
    • Helps to manage Operations and manpower
    Some of the advantages of MYSAP ERP are as follows:
    • Facilitates quicker and better decisions
    • Overall business transformation
    • Reduction in Costs and Risks
    • Following Modern Practices
    • Specialty

    People Soft ERP
    People Soft is a software program specialized to handle the H.R. functions in an organization. They have helped in achieving path breaking H.R. practices. People Soft continues to be a favorite player among companies that are keen to redefine the problems in handling and operating the human resource components.

    The purchase of people soft by oracle has given rise to lot of controversies in the market. Firstly the customers of people soft are envious that oracle customers are also able to access the special features of people soft that were formerly restricted to them.

    Another important issue is the fact that Oracle's is ready too render effective services to people soft customers also irrespective of the customers potential because they are very keen to capture the base before any other competitor resorts to the same. This has drawn lot of appreciation in the market because the customers of people soft don't have to be insecure of anything.

    This software forms an important part of this study. Intelliverse software provided by this company helps to work in combination with other applications like S.A.P. oracle, Microsoft etc…This function helps in extracting the best from other applications and making use of them for the better functioning of the current one.
    Some important Features of Intelliverse are as follows:
    • Helps in establishing identity
    • Special modules to merge with other applications
    • Innumerable choices
    Some of the advantages of the software are as follows:
    • Eliminates procedural delays and rectifies errors
    • Helps in brand building

    ERP giants have not been able to cater to the requirements of Small and Medium enterprises with the exception of Microsoft Corporation. It is therefore important to ensure that they build software programs to satisfy their needs also as the market is becoming saturated for bigger companies while S.M.E's offer a large scope. They should be properly capitalized by ERP software companies. They have to be more specific on the companies implementing ERP.
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    TP HCM
    Còn các nhà cung cấp ERP tại Việt Nam thì xin mời các bác bổ sung thêm, tui xin phép liệt kê một số công ty trong đó:
    FPT - ERP
    Tinh Vân
    Ernst & Young
    Exact Software
    AZ Solution
    TRG international
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