ERP Video Introduction to SAP + Ebook về SAP SEM/BI

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Xin giới thiệu với các bạn một video clip giới thiêu về SAP, gồm có phần tổng quan, cách tạo workflow, sales management, analysis, v.v...trong SAP B1.

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Ngoài ra, còn có một ebook: Enterprise Management with SAP SEM/ Business Analytics


Enterprise Management with SAP SEM/ Business Analytics
Publisher: Springer | ISBN: 3540228063 | edition 2005 | PDF | 219 pages | 7,1 mb

In order to make strategy happen there is a need for powerful management information systems. SAP focuses on the application of modern business administration concepts, e.g. Value Based Management, the Balanced Scorecard, the Management Cockpit or flexible planning methods.
The book describes the methodology and implementation of a powerful tool for enterprise management. Practical examples show how SAP Strategic Enterprise Management/Business Analytics (SAP SEM/BA) can help to improve cross functional planning, reporting and analyzing. SAP SEM/BA is a leading edge IT-solution for top management and related departments in large enterprises and groups. It demonstrates the state of the art of modern management information and decision support systems.

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