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The standard cost per unit of one of The Gift Label’s products is provided below:
Budgeted production and sales for February are 2,000 units selling for £70 each. Annual budgeted fixed overheads are £336,000 incurred evenly each month.

Actual results for February are as follows:

2,100 units were made and sold at a price that was 10% less than the budget. The cost of material was £22,680 and there was a favourable usage variance of 0.5kg per unit because better quality material was used. Labor worked 2,058 hours and labor rate increased to £16 beginning February. Variable and fixed overheads were £15,435 and £24,300 respectively.

Complete the table below to generate the opening statement for February:

Make one entry (favourable or adverse) for each variance and enter a zero or dash in the other column.

Enter the net total of favourable variance (positive number) or adverse variance (negative number) in the final column.


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