Chapter1-Introduction to accounting

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    Tổng hợp chương 1;

    +Elements of Accounting
    +Business Entity
    Sole Trader (one person)
    Partnership (more than 1 person)
    Companies are owned by shareholders or members.
    Companies are almost always limited companies
    Shareholders' liabilities are limited to the money they have put into the company.

    +Capital The money put into a business

    +Financial Statements (FS)
    Sole trader and partnership - statements are private
    Companies - FS are sent to shareholders and may also be publicly filed.

    Users of FS
    + Managers
    Managers need financial information for planning and decision-making

    Shareholders and potention shareholders need financial information for investment decision

    Employees and their representatives need financial information to safeguard their jobs and income.

    +Lenders Lenders need financial information to safeguard loans that they have made or intend to make.

    +Government Agencies
    Government agencies need financial information to monitor the economy and to collect tax

    Elements of FS
    +Assets An assets is any tangible or intangible possession which have value
    +Liabilities Liabilities are the financial obligations of an entities
    +Balance sheet
    A balance sheet records the assets and liabilities of an enterprise at a particular point in time.

    +Income Statement An income statement shows the [rofit or loss made in an accounting period

    +Accounts - requirements of
    International Accounting Standards
    Local legislation

    +Management and financial accounting
    +Management accounting uses
    Planning and controlling
    Decision making
    Optimising resource use.
    +Financial management
    Financial management covfers all the functions of ensuring that financial resources are obtained and used in the most effective way to secure attainment of objectives of the organisation

    +External audit
    External audit is the independent examination of, and expression of opinion on the financial statements of an enterprise

    +Internal audit
    Internal audit is a review of operations and records, sometimes continuous, undertaken within a business by s[ecially assigned staff

    +Desirable qualities of accounting information

    The main sources of regulations for the purpose of the ACCA's preparing Financial Statements examination is the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC)

    +Benchmark treatments
    Benchmark treatments; IASC's prefered treatments
    +Allowed alternative treatments
    Allowed alternative treatments; other treatments approved by IASC

    +General Accepted Accounting Practice - GAAP
    GAAP - is the set of accoutning practices applied in a given country or context.
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    Các câu hỏi cần trả lời được về nội dung chương 1

    Các câu hỏi cần trả lời được về nội dung chương 1

    Tại sao các công ty lại thường là hữu hạn - limited companies?

    +Users of financial Statements
    Các Users dùng FS để làm gì? Mục đích chung? và cụ thể cho từng nhóm?
    Chia các Users ra thành 2 nhóm - Internal và External?
    What would potential shareholders' interests be in the financial statements?
    What would be the main concerns of long-term lenders concerning an organisation?

    +Nature of Accounting
    Hãy nêu tóm tắt sự giống, khác nhau của kế toán quản trị và kế toán tài chính - Management accounting and financial accounting.?

    Hãy nêu tóm tắt sự giống nhau và khác nhau của Internal và External audit.

    +Qualities of Accounting information
    What is meant by the relebance of information?
    What is meant by information being reliable?
    What is one method of removing bias from the financial statements?
    What are financial statements meant to be comparable with?

    +Capital and Revenue
    What type of expenditure are regarded as
    a- Capital expenditure
    b- revnue expenditure?
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    Iêm xin mạo muội trình bày đôi chút về internal and external audit. Chẳng thấy bác nào hào hứng tham gia trả lời nhỉ.

    1. Purpose:
    - internal audit: evaluate edaquacy and effectiveness of the entity's internal control.
    - external audit: express opinions on financial reports and give out comments.
    2. Auditor:
    - internal audit: normally within an entity and under direction of the Board of Management.
    - external audit: independent from the entity.
    3. Principles:
    - internal audit: base on the entity's principles.
    - external audit: base on mandatory and general accepted principles.

    ... and my comments:
    Normally, BOM will select a representative from functional groups to form an internal audit team. Hence, the team may understand the whole system thoroughly and it's easier to audit and give out comments. It's, on the other hand, pretty hard for external audit to understand the entity's biz nature and other particular characteristics.

    Iêm xin lỗi nếu như có sai sót nào cả về mặt nội dung lẫn tiếng Anh, em dốt cái khoản này lắm ạ. Có bác nào cười, cứ cười, nhưng cho em biết cười ở điểm nào nhé.

    Sao diễn đàn nguội thế, các bác nào có ý kiến, có thắc mắc gì thì post lên đi chứ.
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    em xin duoc tra loi hai cau be be nay, nhung cau dai em bang tieng viet la chu yeu thoi nen chua giam post len, hi` hi`...
    - What would be the main concerns of long term lenders concerning an organisation ?
    The security of long term lenders and the amount of cash available and the value of assets which form a security for the debt.

    - what would potential shareholder’ interests in the financial statements?
    Potential shareholder’interests would be the future performance of the enterprise and the users of past figures as a guide to the future if they have to vote on proposal or decide whether to disinvest.
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    Rất hoan nghênh em suongdemtv đã mạnh dạn post câu trả lời. Mọi người tiếp tục nhé.

    Quick correction cho em suongdemtv này.
    Câu 1 của em thì em nói đúng được về security of the loans (chứ không phải security của lenders hay the debts nhé)

    Câu2 - em hơi nhầm 1 chút potential shareholder là các nhà đầu tư triển vọng. nên the information of financial statements will help them to make the economic decision, e.g should invest their money onto this company or other company....

    Vậy em hiểu rồi chứ?

    Nào còn câu hỏi gì nữa hay câu trả lời nào nữa nhỉ?
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    ha noi
    ___________ CHAPTER ONE __________


    In the economic market, there are billion of companies and traders to be carrying out their business. In general we can divide them into three business entities. first, SOLE TRADER (a business is owned and operated by one person with or without employees). second, PARTNERSHIP (several people jointly owning and running the business). And third is company, the company has more complex organization. May be there are thousand of people contribute to found that company. They are called contributors or shareholders. They put their money into the company, they will get profit according to their ratio of contributed capital and they do their duty to limited responsibility to the amount of their capital in case of company meets a risk or goes bust.

    In order to run the business fluently and reduce the serious risks and can meet profitable prospective chances, all business entities need whole financial information of theirself and other partners' that they have relationship. The financial information of the transactions of the business happen day-to-day so they must be recorded and summarized. the summarization shows position of a company point in time is called balance sheet, shows the situation of the company in a period of time is called income statement.

    No one can make his dicition without financial information if He want to maintain the business for a long time. Manager, shareholders and potential shareholders, empoyees.., lenders, government agentcies need financial information according to seperate their target , but finally to safeward their benefit theirself.

    There are two types of accounting information. (financial accounting and management account). Financial accounting provides for users outside the enterprise, it is mandatory, is required by law. Users use financial accounting to analysis general situation and to make a strategic decition . And management accounting provides internal and detail information to manager make internal decitions.

    If financail accounting tells manager: WHAT TO DO!
    and management accounting will tell him: HOW TO DO!

    May be One small untrue information in financial or management accounting will lead to a big mistake in making decition So Auditing (both internal and external auditing) ensure accounting information to be clear, exactly and useful.

    em chua viet het dau, con nhieu lam nhung ma het thoi gian roi, em phai ve day, em doi qua roi, ngay mai em se post tiep phan cuoi len nhe! day moi la phan tong quat thoi nen hoi so sai. Em con hai activiti va tra loi may cau hoi cuoi bai nua co. Con phai neu len dieu em thay dac biet quan tam trong chuong nay nua chu. Sao ma nhieu the chi oi. heheh, em se co gang.
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    Ha noi
    Cho em hỏi một vấn đề với: "Identify the users of financial accounting information. Are their needs for information likely to be satisfied by the Annual Report of a limited company? (Adiscussion as to whether the needs of each class of users are being met by the Annual Report. This should give attention to the following aspects: Amount of detail needed, timeliness, frequency and reliability of information)"
    Các bác có thể giúp em trả lời đc không hoặc là cho em một số nguồn trên net mà có thể giải quyết đc câu hỏi này, thanks in advance các bác.
    Trường em kì này thi final exam toàn cho ôn trong ACCA paper 1.1, em chưa xem nhưng không biết có khó không nữa hix hix
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    How to start learning ACCA

    Hello thanhadmacc, ketoan@
    I am a new partner. I relly want to learn ACCA but I don't know when and how to start. Please give me details. Thanhk alot

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    Trả lời

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    Các bạn ơi mình cũng đang học acca, tìm hiểu mới biết ở đây có lớp học trực tuyến nhưng tìm mãi chẳng thấy bài vở gì chỉ thấy bải kiểm tra với lại đăng ký học của các bạn. Chắc mình hơi thiếu hiểu biết chăng? Bạn nào biết thì chỉ dẫn dùm mình cụ thể và cặn kẽ nhẽ. Mình dùng internet ở cơ quan thôi, mà công việc hơi bận nên không có thời gian ngồi tìm lâu, nói giúp mình nhé!!!!! Cảm ơn các bạn nhiều nhiều...
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    to: First spring (fs)
    Ở đây bạn có thể hỏi, thảo luận bất cứ topic nào liên quan trong chương trình ACCA. Giả dụ bạn đang học một paper nào đó, có nhiều chủ đề hay, hay những vấn đề cần trao đổi, học hỏi, xin bạn cứ tự nhiên post nó lên trong mục này. Những người đã học qua hay có kinh nghiệm sẽ bàn cùng bạn. Thế nhé.

    Cheer. - @

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