Paper 3.6 - Advance Corporate Reporting

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Có lẽ nên bắt đầu paper này bằng một cái gì đấy advanced hơn 2.5 một chút nhỉ? IAS 22 - Business Combination chăng?

Thưa cô giáo ketoan@, Chúng ta có lẽ cùng nhau thảo luận về Group consolidation và related issues. Nhưng thực ra paper này có vẻ khó thảo luận đây vì lắm chữ quá. Học cái môn 3.7 có lẽ khoái hơn :wall: (Vì ít chữ hơn chăng?)
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HELP........ ketoan@ bị khủng bố ở đây. :worry:

Yes, there are 2 main areas for this papers - specially for the current study and exams.
-Groups' consolidation accounts, and
-Current issues

The foundation for 3.6 Advanced Coporate Reporting is all current updated IASs - includes current issues and Exposure drafts.

All IASs should be grouped into 4 GROUPS for all the reviews of this paper's scenario.

GROUP1. Standards that deal with "recognition and measurement" issues;
IAS16 on PPE and IAS20 on Government grants,
IAS40 on investment properties
IAS18 on revenue
IAS23 on borrowing costs
IAS2 on Inventories
IAS 32 & 39 on financial intruments
IAS 37 on provisions
IAS 38 on tangible assets
IAS 36 on impairment

GROUP 2. The "technical" Standards;
IAS 33 on EPS
IAS 21 on foreign currency translation
IAS 12 including deferred tax
IAS 17 on leases (there is an international DP proposing change)
IAS 11 on construction contracts
IAS 19 on employee benefits
IAS 41 on agriculture

GROUP 3. Essentially "disclosure" based standards
IAS 1 on presentation of FSs (there is an international DP proposing changes in the way that financial performance is best reported - consider the issue of recycling)
IAS 8 on net profit
IAS 10 on events after balance sheet date
IAS 7 on Cashflows statement
IAS 24 on related party disclosures
IAS 34 on interim financial reporting
IAS 14 on segment reporting
IAS 35 on discontinuing operations - current IASB AD 4 proposes new disclosure rules and IFRS 5
IAS 26 on accouting and reporting by retirement benefit plans

IAS 28 on associates
IAS 31 on joint ventures
IAS 22 on business combinations and the substantially revised one of this IAS - IFRS3
IFRS 3 and new treatment for goodwill
IAS 27 on investment in subsidiaries
IAS 29 on reporting in hyperinflationary economies.
Considering special purposes entities and quasi-subsidiaries

One thing should always being kept in mind is SIC - INTERPRETATIONS OF IAS.
Many current articles and current topics to be considered and kept proper concerns are;
- Congruence with IFRS and harmonisation,
- IFRS 1 on first time application of IFRSs
- IFRS 2 on share based payments
- Different aspect of corporate governance
- Coporate governance and ethics
- Enviromental reporting
- Off-balance sheet finance
- Alternative performance measures
- Web-based v paper-based reporting.

Above are all main key points containing in paper 3.6 and require each students a mind-map of general view.
I have to look into each point in details later.

Webketoan Zalo OA

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