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Hi everyone,

I have just enrolled for L1 in June 2008, but I kind of started study for moment...

didn't see lot of people around here but i'm sur that you also study hard in your own corner. So why not drop by in here some time to share with everybody for a group study, get motivated from/to each other (coz by dint of being stuck in this, i myself feel fed up with this...)

So for myself, I finished session 11 - about Corporate Finance and will start the FSA part next week

by the way is there an assiation for CFA member in Vietnam. Anyone know how many they are now (those who completed 3 levels)??


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links for CFA paper and other related study guide (schewser)


This link is a share website where people upload their documentations. There are a lot of interesting things for CFA.

It will help you to do some economies since the enrollment fees are already high enough... I thing that I won't buy any other guide from specific editor but will just help myself with the CFA curriculum and last year schewser books

Cheers to everyone


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hi trhongnhung,
really nice that you are interested in pursuing CFA charter.
For your question, in VN, there has not been any official CFA society since CFA has not been popular until recent years with blooming stock market of VN.
Actually, there are not many CFA charterholders who is Vietnamese. Most of charterholders in Vietnam study their CFA overseas when they studied abroad with MBA or they were Vietkieu.
Best wishes to you for the coming exam.
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chúc trhongnhung thi đậu kỳ thi June 2008

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